Since 2018, Sterling IAQ has become an international expert on the evaluation of indoor air quality aboard cruise ships around the world. The Indoor Air Quality in guest rooms, restaurants, the casino and even down in the crew areas is very important for a comfortable and safe environment.

There are a variety of parameters that can be tested when it comes to the evaluation of IAQ on cruise ships and it is important to understand each parameter, how it can be evaluated effectively and how to interpret the data afterwards.

A cruise ship is basically a floating city that moves around the world. It needs to be equipped with all the standard services one would expect while at home – power generation, housekeeping, laundry, restaurants, bars, recreation, exercise areas and shopping for example. Many of these services can adversely impact the IAQ. Additionally, ventilation is the second-largest energy demand need on a cruise ship (propulsion is the largest energy need).

If energy savings efforts are taken with respect to ventilation, then the IAQ could be adversely affected. Many casinos that operate on cruise ships do still permit smoking.  Therefore, effective ventilation is crucial to maintaining IAQ at a level that is as comfortable as possible.