Indoor air quality testing is our business, let’s discuss how it affects your business or workplace.

Who We Are

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Sterling IAQ Consultants Ltd. – a subsidiary of Keystone Environmental Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm. We provide expertise in the areas of indoor air quality testing, mould, hazardous building materials (asbestos, lead paint, etc.), sustainability and occupational hygiene & safety. We are located in Vancouver, BC however provide indoor air quality testing and a variety of consulting services to clients across Canada. With roots dating back to 1973, Sterling IAQ has evolved into a consulting group that strategically positions itself to be a leader among its peers and rivals. We pride ourselves in the provision of PROFESSIONAL and PRACTICAL customer/client service and ensuring that your needs are met.

At Sterling IAQ, we know very well that our customers are very important to us and their satisfaction is central to how we operate. If we had to document our internal philosophy into a motto, it would be…

If we keep our customer satisfaction at a high level, the relationships with clients evolve into relationships that can extend for many years.

Indoor Air Quality Affects Us All


At work and at home, indoor air quality influences our mood, health and performance. Employers would like to ensure the work environment they provide to their employees offers conditions that are comfortable and healthy. Additionally, these employers would like to ensure these environments foster workers that are as productive as possible. Some studies have actually quantified that workers that are satisfied with their indoor environment are 4-10% more productive at their jobs than workers who are not satisfied with the environment.
Just think about those numbers and how that relates to your workplace or business. Performing indoor air quality testing can aid employers in ensuring their work place is a healthy environment for their employees.  

Keystone Environmental Logo

Keystone Environmental Ltd. is a full-service environmental consultancy offering Environmental Engineering, Contaminated Sites and Biology services to their clients and partners. Being client driven and solutions focused, Keystone Environmental works closely to understand each projects’ unique objectives, timelines, and budgets, while aiming to achieve project success and satisfaction. Established in 1988, over the last 30 years Keystone Environmental has worked on some of the largest and most important environmental projects that has shaped this province.

News / Publications


Kitchen upgrade in older condo causes IAQ issues

Sterling IAQ is asked to investigate a wide array of indoor air quality issues and this often includes strange odour incidents.  Conducting IAQ testing for odour complaints is usually not useful since testing alone would not necessarily point you in the direction of...

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Update on Radon

Some of you may know that radon has been an issue that could affect many homeowners every year and that it is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.  The focus for much of the past 30 years or so has been the basements of our homes.  During...

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Proactive IAQ testing proves useful once again

Sterling IAQ Consultants Ltd. conducts proactive indoor air quality testing (IAQ) at various buildings across Canada.  This type of service has largely been conducted to document that the building performs well and the parameters measured are within industry...

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