Pro-active Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality Testing Equipment

The extensive experience of Sterling IAQ has enabled the development of a comprehensive proprietary Pro-active Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Program. The Sterling IAQ Pro-active Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Program is designed to build on and be integrated with the existing Operations and Maintenance programs in many different types of buildings and workplaces.

Presently, Sterling IAQ has approximately 250 buildings on our annual Pro-active IAQ Management Program and these buildings are located across Canada. This type of services is easily expandable to other countries around the world. Our IAQ management program provides an on-going archive of indoor air quality in a building for documentation of historical IAQ performance. The program assists building owners/operators to maximize building performance and occupant or worker satisfaction.

In addition, the IAQ Management Program provides critical documentation necessary for both demonstrations of regulatory compliance and protection from and defence of litigation. The results of the pro-active IAQ monitoring in each building are compared with established regulatory standards and with recommended guidelines.

Innovation in Reporting and Data Management

Over the years, Sterling IAQ has worked closely with clients to create a method for indoor air quality reporting and data management to become efficient, effective and more sustainable. Through our extensive efforts and time, we have managed to develop a web-based indoor air quality data management and reporting system.Pro-active Indoor Air Quality

This system has enabled building owners/managers to access their annual proactive IAQ testing reports for all their buildings 24/7 through a customized password protected site. This one-of-a-kind reporting system allows testing reports to compare results of each building to other building in the same city, to buildings in the same province and to buildings across the country as well as show year to year comparison for that building itself.

Once the website database is populated with indoor air quality data from a particular real estate portfolio, there are several different benefits that are available. That information can be reviewed to observe various types of trends or determine which buildings are poorly ventilated or those that are ventilated too much.